Technical Project Manager

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The Technical Project Manager will be instrumental in the creation of interactive applications and experiences that are large both in their impact and often their footprint in amazing physical spaces. S/he is the conduit for technology teams both externally & internally to design, give, and receive strategy and tactics for building products and experiences. These items include sprint planning, product pipelines, procedure/protocol design, developer allocation, hardware specification, and documentation. They will also from time to time run projects of their own in a more traditional producer role.

TPM must have a strong command of technology and software processes, foresight on possible hurdles, and impeccable communication skills to interpret and communicate that information to both technical and non-technical audiences. They are able to draw on their experience to resolve project issues, influence decisions, and communicate effectively in difficult situations involving staffing, budget, schedule, and client management.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities
The position requires excellent execution in performing project management work such as:

-Manage, direct, and track the developer team on Potion built software products including multi-platform video streaming and sales products (e.g. iOS, Android, Roku)
-Source and Direct the work of outside vendors such as software developers, fabricators, AV Integrators, and Sound Engineers.
-Plan and direct QA and usability testing for all software phases; manage Quality Assurance resources, ensuring deliverables are high quality and satisfy Potion’s commitments.
-Define, standardize, and distribute technology procedures and protocols with the organization.
-Help define the scope of current and new projects (goals, deliverables, schedules, staffing, SOWS, and budgets).
-Serve as a key client contact for defining software plans and procedures, clarifying requirements, explaining complex ideas clearly, and managing expectations.
-Oversee the production of development deliverables to ensure they are on schedule and on budget; adjusting resource needs when necessary.
-Lead project team and studio-wide meetings for internal and external projects (e.g. kick-offs, team creative meetings, progress updates, internal process evaluations).
-Collaborate with the project team (using the contract as a context) during the creative process and provide perspective on client’s expectations of any given
-Independently present project work to clients, including pitch participation and presentations.
-Promote and maintaining friendly, motivational, can-do, team-oriented attitude.
-Train Producers and Associate Producers on Potion methodology and best practices
-The person in this position may be expected to perform other job-related duties, outside of what is listed in this description, that may be required by their supervisor.

Qualifications and Skills
Ideal candidate will be highly organized and have experienced knowledge of the process and timelines required for the execution of a wide range of interactive projects.

-3+ years in a technical product of project management role, having a deep knowledge base of software development.
-Technically adept and full understanding of development methodologies and practices with the ability to validate both developer and client proposals with particular focus on mobile and set-top platforms
-Strong project management skills including conceptualization, driving alignment, planning resources, managing deadlines and goals, delivering analysis and recommendations
-Demonstrated experience implementing process improvement measures
-Experience managing both local and remote teams.
-Experience with Agile practices.
-Understanding of mobile and desktop computer hardware.
-Interest in broadcast and/or internet video media.
-Knowledge of architectural and construction project phases.
-Interest in working across multiple platforms both conventional and highly unusual
-Sophisticated ability to negotiate delicate client communications.
-Effectively manages conflict negotiation and project escalation
-Demonstrates clarity, firmness, and fairness with clients and teams, educating them as to the difficulties and challenges during each phase of the studio’s process in context with their respective contract with Potion. It is understood that these qualities will help to ensure appropriate expectations and good communications while underscoring the collaborative nature of this work.
-A quick study who loves to learn about new innovations, technologies, and processes, as part of their job.
-Ability to handle the most complex project situations.
-Almost supernatural ability to sense what could endanger a project or the studio as a whole, even before obvious signs surface and prepare appropriate action.
-Ability to balance a sense of urgency with a calm and confident demeanor, especially in stressful or pressured situation.
-Ability to receive and give critical feedback
-Ability to work collaboratively and participate in the creation of a respectful working environment
-Occasional day-trip or overnight travel is required for client creative workshops or prospective work.
-Occasional evening work is required for attaining project final delivery deadlines.


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